V Shape Mask: Can I Really Thin My Face

V Shape Mask: Can I really thin my face?

V Shape Mask: Can I Really Thin My Face 1

V Shape mask is additionally very easy for the operator to work .
In the initiative , the mask is dig the corresponding shape.
In the second step, each mask is stained with pure water for facial treatment.
The third step is to shut the skin from bottom to top and make the skin tense.
The fourth step, after the whole facial manipulation is completed , wait 15 to twenty minutes.
Finally, when uncovering the mask, concentrate to the hand to dam the customer’s eyes.
it can avoid strong light betewen create contrast, and thus cause damage to the eyes.

What is the role of the V Shape Mask?

Lifting the skin: The operator uses skilled techniques to lift the face.
This is a comprehensive lifting of the loose skin, which calms the skin and lifts it quickly.
Shrinking pores: V Shape Mask essence powder,
which plays an efficient role in shrinking the massive pores of the facial skin.
This is because it completely covers the skin within the sort of powder and blocks the contact with the air.
Sexual treatment of skin pores.
Whitening and Rejuvenation: The V mask features a whitening protein .
There is an excessive amount of melanin within the skin of the face, and therefore the mask will react with it.
Thereby blocking melanin growth, the metabolic melanin is excreted by phagocytic cells.

V Shape Mask: Can I Really Thin My Face 2

This V mask may be a temporary blocking air that gives a full range of treatments for facial skin.
Allow the ingredients of the mask to be more fully absorbed by the skin.
The entire face forms a model of the spatial structure.
This is the foremost useful thanks to lift your face and lift your face completely.
Of course, the corresponding treatment of the pores plays a task in contraction.
Special for salon and aesthetic clinic use.
Even after asesthetic treatment like micro needling with bleeding could also use V Shape Mask, it accompany amazing settle down function anti-swell.
Many clients do HIFU treatment,micro needle treatment,RF treatment …ect.
After treatment during a short period collagen soon growing to make firm new
produce as original ways and facial structure, V mask could make a firm scalp
and push collagen network rebuild because the way we design in order that reach
facial tighten and lifting result.
Before cover V mask should apply mucopolysaccharide mask first to make sure moisture supplyment.
After treatment could reach face firming and lifting, whitening and anti-swell effection.
Efficacy:It is refined by a spread of botanical extracts,protein firming agents and peptides,
it can relieve repair skin promote skin circulation,improve skin firmness,fade fine lines and brighten the complexion.
In particular, tightening & lifting face.