Mesotherapy: Improve Skin Quality & Anti-Aging Without Surgery 1


No needle vital injector using high speed liquid instead of actual needle insert. Machine inset strong motor to compress air so that push it come out like a lot “liquid bullet” could soon come to deeper skin layer. Because without actual needle insert so the whole treatment without bleeding or skin hurt. 

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is not a surgery. It does not cause any harm to people at all. It works by injecting a series of vitamin, mineral and amino acid mixture injections into a molecular state with high pressure and then injecting into the mesoderm of the skin. 

The purpose of this is to make your skin plump and vibrant again, and it can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are essential to the natural elasticity of the skin.

What does Mesotherapy do?

Mesotherapy can brighten your complexion, whiten skin, and jewel skin beautifully. Not only that, Mesotherapy can also improve skin dullness, tiredness and wrinkles. 

Stick to it, to a certain extent can help to improve sluggish blood circulation , aiding the body to flush out ageing toxins.This treatment can also be used to address pigmentation problems, treat acne scarring.

Mesotherapy: Improve Skin Quality & Anti-Aging Without Surgery 2

How to use Mesotherapy?

To compress air, thus using the high pressure to uniform atomization of products, products into deep skin, can stimulate the skin metabolism, make the rapid discharge of melanin in the human body, improve dark and dry skin, brighten the skin tone, make skin white and light feeling, cells contraction pore effect, make skin more smooth, compact will sag droopy skin filling up and stretches the facial appearance of fine lines and crow ‘s-feet, sichuan and word lines, etc. Firming skin, no needle water light needle non-invasive treatment, no pain, no wound, no recovery period.

Mesotherapy: Improve Skin Quality & Anti-Aging Without Surgery 3