Is The Effect Of Beierplasma Pen K85 Satisfactory

Is the effect of beierplasma pen k85 satisfactory?

Beierplasm Pen K85 has undergone countless tests by engineers, and finally determined the reference value for beauticians to choose.

Beierplasm Pen K85 is divided into manual mode and automatic mode. The modes are divided into 3 gears, each gear has a different frequency.

10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 500HZ, these frequencies are enough to solve most skin problems and meet the needs of different customers, which is rare.

Is The Effect Of Beierplasma Pen K85 Satisfactory 1

BeierPlasma Pen K85 Mainly for the treatment of eye and face lifting, ecchymosis, sputum, wrinkles, acne, acne pits, sputum spots then on.

When the operator sets the energy state , the frequency must be adjusted. The higher the frequency of plasma pen, the more sparks of plasma pen and the better the effect.

This is mainly for areas where skin treatment is just too large, dark skin spots. On the opposite hand, the smaller the frequency of the adjustment machine, the smaller spark of the Beierplasm pen. This is suitable for treating small areas.

After treating the massive frequency, operator can use alittle frequency to trim the sides to realize complete treatment of the whole site.
The vulnerable parts use copper needles as the carrier and have been disinfected through various procedures.

which are in compliance with safety testing standards. The production line is strictly controlled, and therefore the copper needles of Beierplasm are individually packaged one by one.

Is The Effect Of Beierplasma Pen K85 Satisfactory 2

beierplasma pen k85 for single use, no risk

Copper needles of Beierplasm Pen K85 have high electrical and thermal conductivity, which is enough to simply accept enough energy.  The copper needle can emit the energy of the plasma pen.
Plasma pen experts can also precisely target each area that needs treatment.

The copper needle of Beierplasm pen K85 can accept these 8 frequencies, like a rapid response and forming a faster docking of the skin epidermis.

The skin’s wounds heal quickly and automatically,  which the diameter is extremely small even 0.02mm. The energy of the plasma pen is effectively applied to the skin through the copper needle.

Is The Effect Of Beierplasma Pen K85 Satisfactory 3

Beierplasm pen K85 features a total of 4 buttons.
Beierplasm Power button:
As long as operator press and hold for 1-2 seconds, it can start the machine.
The boot interface will present the brand .
Operator can design their pattern or design name .
When operator want to finish the treatment,
only got to press and hold for 2-3 seconds to seem “goodbye”, which suggests pack up .
In addition, the facility button is additionally A level adjustment button.
There are three levels: 1, 2, 3.
The operator can choose the acceptable level and therefore the appropriate frequency for treatment.
Beierplasm Mode button: automatic mode, manual mode.
When operator use the automated mode, “Auto” will appear on the screen.
In this mode of operation, operator only got to press the button once to let the machine still work for 25 seconds.
The operator can easily operate and focus more on the customer’s skin condition.

Is The Effect Of Beierplasma Pen K85 Satisfactory 4

When operator use manual mode, “Manu” will appear on the screen. In this mode of operation, operator can treat it once per button press. The operator also can hold down the button in order that can treatment the world at any time.

Beierplasm Frequency button: 8 frequencies are often adjustabled. This frequency are often combined with power level to realize therapeutic accuracy.

Beierplasm Shooting spark button: This button is near the top of the Beierplasm. This light will illuminate when operator touch it. Once triggered, it’s possible to start out treatment.

When operator are working in automatic mode, if they need to pause or stop shooting spark, only got to press the button once.  The suspending the operation while the sunshine won’t illuminate .