How to use PDT Jet Peel Machine

How To Use PDT Jet Peel Machine

PDT jet peel using high level biolight rather than traditional LED light to try to to skin rejuvenation. Machine offer 3 original color light and seven group color light for whole skin treatment. Below 6 function could work together or seperatly at an equivalent time. If we’ve enough beautician could work for various clients at an equivalent time.

Previous portable machine more pretent one machine one function because mostly machine inside just one motor. However below funcction only jet peel with motor, other treatment could come ture by PCB setting and technique installation. Jet peel K94 is that the highest quality and performance PTD machine in latest years.

Jet peel

PDT jet peel machine

Before beauty machine care or other treatment, cleaning the dead skin first by scubber.

It is dry dermabrassion don’t accompany liquid flow like little bubble machine, different scrub level head for various level acne skin treatment. there’s alittle cotton between handle and machine pipe in order that avoid liquid or any dirty come to skin.

Jet peel & Ozone
For seborrheic eczema treatment, pores swell treatment, hydrating and facial cleaning. counting on different liquid use could do skin sterilizing. Pipe is comsumable.

RF can tighten and lift the skin, 3 machines can be used on the eyes, face and body of the body. RF is safe and does not harm the human body. RF has a good anti-aging effect on the skin. RF can effectively promote the production of skin collagen and improve skin conditions starting from the dermis.

Red light 650nm, promote cells regeneration in order that help for wound recover
Yellow light 510nm could anti-swell and redness, calm skin down and fix damage skin.
Blue light 460nm clean ethanoic acid bacteria and clean acne

The effect reaches the dermis layer, awakens collagen from the deep layers of the skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, and repairs skin problems.